Friday, December 25, 2015

Fixing Login on Xiaomi Mi Band 2

This will be a fairly short post. I just wanted to get this out there in case others are working on this over Christmas. I may update this later as things progress. This all occurred yesterday 12/24/2015.

My mother received a mi band 2 for Christmas this year, and I was tasked with setting it up. I downloaded the latest version of mifit (version 1.8.111) and followed the setup procedure. I created an account using an email address and logged into google when prompted.

I tried multiple times, but it always gave an error - either "error 96103" or "invalid email address".

What worked for me...

1) Uninstall the most recent app.
2) Download an older version of the app. I used version 1.3.412 found HERE, but I cannot vouch for its safety apart from not receiving any obvious damage.
3) Transfer this file to the phone (or download it on the phone) and click on it. I used ES Filer Explorer for this.
4) Run this file. On ES File Explorer just navigate to the file, tap it, and select install. Here you may be required to turn off a security setting or two. Do this at your own risk. I would recommend turning it back on when you're done.
5) Follow the setup procedure and create an account. You will be required to put in a phone number and an email address.
6) Uninstall the old version.
7) Reinstall the current version and log in with the account you created.
8) Enjoy your mi band and comment on this page how the process went.

What I suspect will also work...

Just create an account using a phone number. The older version of the app requires a phone number to create the account. This leads me to believe just using the most recent app and selecting "create account with phone number" (or something like that) might also work.

If this works please comment on this post, so others will know. If you know of any other fixes please mention them there as well.

What didn't work - but could be tried again...

I tried using this link on a laptop. This did not work. It gave me the page below.

I hope this helps. Merry Christmas!

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