Saturday, November 19, 2016

Raspian ROS on Raspberry PI B+ with Downloadable Image

I wanted to share my image of ROS Indigo for a Raspberry Pi B+. When I tried a couple of images I found online, none of them seemed to work, so I had to make my own. I will warn you that it is pretty slow, but ROS is installed. I was originally going to use this onboard a turtlebot, but I decided against it after seeing how slow it was. As far as I know it would work, but the extent of my testing was launching roscore. Here is the process I went through to create the image.

  1. Install Raspian Jessie with Pixel version September 2016
  2. Follow instructions on the ROS wiki for the ROS-Comm version on Indigo
  3. Pull Image using Win32DiskImager

Download the image here: Raspian_PiBPlus_ROS_Indigo_11_17_2016.7z


  • It would probably be better to use the minimal version of Raspian. Like I commented above, it is pretty slow
  • I had issues building the catkin workspace. I think it was RAM related as the wiki suggests. I ended up closing everything that was open and running with the default -j4 option, and it worked.
  • Contrary to seemingly popular belief, ROS can be installed on an original Raspberry Pi. It is just painful. My install took several hours.
  • The image is 2.287 Gb compressed and 31.260 Gb uncompressed. 
I hope this is useful to someone.

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