Thursday, September 21, 2017

Installing ROS on a Virtual Machine for Windows

This is a quick set of instructions for installing ROS Kinetic on a Virtual Machine. This allows you to run ROS on Windows.

1) Install Virtual Box from this link.
2) Install the Virtual Box Extension Pack for your version of Virtual Box (also at this link). This allows you to use the USB ports on your computer within the virtual machine.
3) Download the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS .iso from this link.
4) Run Virtual Box and create a virtual machine with the .iso you downloaded.
5) In the virtual machine go to Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD image and install guest additions. This adds additional functionality, most notably the shared clipboard. Enable this under Devices > Shared Clipboad > Bidirectional.
6) Follow the instructions on the ROS Wiki to install ROS Kinetic (link).
7) Follow the instructions on the ROS Wiki to setup your Catkin workspace (link).
8) Make a snapshot of your new clean ROS install by going to Machine > Take Snapshot. This allows you to roll back to a fresh install if you tank it at some point.
9) Proceed to other projects! Here are some of mine to get you started (link)


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