Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Continuous Rotation HXT900

I modified my first HXT900 for continuous rotation, and thought I would type up a quick list of notes.

I used a mixture of the techniques found on THIS webpage and THIS video. I will note that the video was pretty useless, but I did watch parts of it. Anyway, what I learned.

  • Its a pain. Getting the pot centered is about impossible.
  • Don't try to sand down the shaft. It will just get burred up. Instead, enlarge the hole.
  • Get drill bits. Don't try to enlarge the hole with a screwdriver like the video says.
  • You will have to remove any hotglue you put on the front of the shaft after you solder it. The gears won't fit back on if you don't.
  • Replacing the pot with two resistors of equal value does not work. 90 degrees is off-center for the pot. A clever person could figure out what size is required, but I didn't want to do that.
  • Getting the case back on at the end is a pain. Obviously, it is possible though.
That's about it I think. You can test your servo with THIS SKETCH. I used it to find the center of the servos I use on my differential steer robot, ie you may have to tell it to go to 91 to get it to stop instead of 90. It just requires your servo and a 10K pot.

That's all I have at the moment. More to come.

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