Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recent Purchases: Mini-reviews

Well I thought I should mention some of my recent purchases that made the below project possible. I'll try to make this brief. If you haven't seen that project, go back two posts.

ATtiny85: I got this off of eBay for a few dollars. In the future, I will probably buy them somewhere else, but I just wanted one, so that was the cheapest thing to do. I am pleased with it.

Solderless Breadboard: 830 point solderless breadboard. MB-102. Also from Ebay. $4 shipped. I like it. It is twice as big as my other ones and the roominess is nice.

MB-102 Power Supply Module: Thats the thing on the left. It works really well. I am quite pleased. It takes a center positive power supply or a male usb A. It is switched and can provide 3.3V or 5V. It plugs right into the power rails of the board. $2.15 shipped from Ebay.

Jumper Wires: Yes I sold out and bought some ready made jumpers. I'm glad I did. They are stranded and thus much easier to work with. I was getting all my plain white wires confused. The colors make it easier. Note that I did not get an even distribution of colors. I got 65 total and maybe 3 were black. $2.39 from Ebay. I've only found one so far that doesn't work.

10K pot: I got these from Ebay a long time ago. I don't remember how much they were, but it was a few dollars for 10. They work ok. They were 10 +1-2 K. But for my purposes they were ok. A slight annoyance, the pins aren't long enough to go into a breadboard. Had to solder on some...

Male Headers: I got ten 40 pin rows of them for $.99 (Ebay-China)

HXT-900 Servo: These are my favorite servos, hands down. Cheap. Simple. Reliable. They are sold under various names much as sg-900 and towerpro. They are the 9g servo from HexTronik Ltd, the company that manufactures everything for Hobbyking. Get these servos HERE. And if you manage to strip the gears, get the replacement HERE. Its also worth noting that they sell a 5g version HERE. I did a write-up about HobbyKing in one of my first posts. I also got my first Arduino there.

Other: I also got 10 paper prototype boards from Ebay for $1.38. They had a bit of a chemical odor and were not the best, but they will do for messing around. Hobbyking also sells some higher quality stuff that I have bought. The green stuff. Its HERE. That stuff is pretty nice.

I have got some female headers as well for various projects that I have in my mind. They seem pretty decent. I got 10pcs 1x40 breakaway female headers for $3 from Ebay.

USBtinyISP: I put this last because I really have already mentioned this quite a bit, but I love this thing. It is extremely easy to use. You might look into the tinyProgrammer instead if you just want to do ATtinys, but this was $15 on Ebay from a US seller. It is high quality and I love it. Check out some of my past posts tagged USBtinyISP.

That's all I have for now. Go forth and spend you're hard-earned money.

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